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Get Their Attention With Customized (& Awesome) Promotional Products!

Creative Swag for Rock Lovers!

 arma waterproof notebook

 For the 2014 Symposium, we produced these cool waterproof notebooks to hand-out to participants. ARMA always presents us with unique promotional products, and we love the challenge of getting it produced!

When our client ARMA (American Association of Rock Mechanics) organize their annual US Rock Mechanics / Geomechanics Symposium, they call up AlphaGraphics to fulfill all of their printing needs! They have been a client of AlphaGraphics San Francisco for 4 years.

What keeps them coming back?

 In the words of Executive Director, Peter Smeallie:

  1. Timely and accurate scheduling of multiple jobs including turnaround times with all the details right. In most cases, the materials have been delivered ahead of schedule
  2. Poster printing service provided for attendees who are presenting their scientific findings. This is a convenient and demanding service that AG has excelled at.
  3. AG has advised and procured program directories, manuals, and custom giveaways for attendees and awards.
  4. Your role as a printing concierge, to ARMA by personally making sure that everything asked for is done exactly as specified with a great deal of attention to detail. By overseeing the cycle from start to finish, I am able to devote my attention on ARMA-related matters.”

We pride ourselves on providing the services you need while offering expert advice and project management so you can focus on what you do best. 

Would you like to make your next event or conference really shine with unique promotional products?  Would you like to save money? Save time devoted to print planning and devote it to other critical planning tasks? Work with a partner who can provide you valuable timelines, budgets, planning documentation, and event analytics as part of your service?

If you want to work with an conference and event expert, call our resident expert, Barbara Benton at 415-882-4528 for a free event/conference consultation!


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