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Print Is A Still A Key Component of Any Successful Marketing Program

Even in today's digitally saturated market place, your print materials make a BIG IMPACT. High-quality printed materials are still vital in any successful Marketing program because of its ability to enhance branding, deliver messages, and reach customers.

Let's Review the Power of Print:


We are used to being communicated with almost every moment of the day.  The question is, how much do we actually remember?  When consumers experience print, they remember more.

power of print alphagraphics san franciscoBRAND LOYALTY THROUGH MULTI-SENSORY EXPERIENCE:

The brain processes printed information differently than that viewed in a digital format, and the experience of physically touching an object creates a powerful experience. This is why many brands still produce high-quality print brochures, catalogs, and look-books that actually embody their brand messages like quality, luxury, or innovation.  When your customers can experience your brand with multiple senses, it leads to deeper brand loyalty.

Pro Tip: Make sure you have your most high-value information in the print format most appropriate to your audience.  Our print and marketing specialists can help you conceptualize, create, and distribute print materials that build brand loyalty and drive higher profits. 


The power of holding a real object in your hands goes beyond the tactile feeling of smooth or glossy, raised print or heavy stock. Holding a real object over the digital experience creates a sense of authenticity and "realness", demonstrates authority, and a one-to-one experience between you and your customer that is more personal than an email. Simply put, your business feels more real, more authentic, and more personal when experienced through print.

Another pivotal advantage of print is your ability to organize information into a hierarchy that is more likely to be followed than anything in an email or on your website. When we view digital information, we jump around; when we view print, we tend to follow the design and information flow.

PRO TIP:  Graphic design style and elements, paper choice, and print technique make a big impact. Make sure your printed pieces are up to par so you can reap the powerful benefits of print. Research the best practices of your industry to determine what works, and start planning your next marketing piece. Having worked with hundreds of local companies on successful print marketing campaigns, AlphaGraphics San Francisco can help you from the planning phase of your project to make sure it's done right the first time.  Leave the heavy lifting to us...all you have to do is enjoy the rewards!


Here are a few more reasons we believe in the power of print.
  • Print is portable. Printed materials can be read anywhere. No worries about data connections or restrictions on devices, no dead batteries, no compatibility issues, no corrupt files.
  • Print is beautiful!  With modern printing techniques, you can create materials that your clients want to hang on their wall.  Great print pieces will be saved and savored.
  • Buyers love print.  If you put out printed materials, buyers and potential buyers will take them because consumers are still attracted to and love printed materials.
  • Print is credible. People know that creating print files is a commitment from a company, and since it has been a primary means for communication for hundreds of years, it still carries serious credibility.
  • Print can persuade, inform, entertain, and impress. 
Ikea created this really fun video on the power of the book book. While it's enjoyable to watch, there are quite a few important ideas about the power print that impact businesses of all sizes.


In a media-saturated world, PRINT IS POWERFUL. It creates emotions and memories in ways that electronic media cannot replicate.  Print pieces should be a strong part of any marketing program because it makes your brand or company feel more real, more authoritative, and personal to your customers.

In our next piece, we will share how PRINT should be combined with other MARKETING ELEMENTS to increase your ROI, enhance your brand image, and build stronger relationships with your customers. 

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