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Reach Clients Where They Are In The Buying Cycle With Cross Media Marketing

Print and Digital Marketing... A Marriage Made In Marketing Heaven

ROI on print and marketing

Now that we are comfortably into the digital age of communication, there is a popular idea that digital communication is superior to print because it's less expensive.

Not only has that proven to not be true when you consider the true cost of running digital sales and marketing programs, a very important question remains: does it drive higher sales?

As your local print and visual communications specialists, we can tell you that the best use for your marketing dollars should be a combination of print and digital executed in a harmonious program.  Print pieces leave a major impression on consumers because of the tactile experience of holding a physical object.

When you integrate the power of print with the immediacy of digital marketing, you can reach your clients where ever they are in the sales cycle, in a personal and highly relevant way.

Adapting To The New Economy

LR Mobile Marketing San Francisco AlphaGraphicsConsumer behavior is undergoing massive shifts due to new technology. Your marketing programs need to shift to keep up with the times. 

Consumers now look to different mediums throughout the buying cycle. A clearly organized website that is optimized for mobile and tablet consumption and a strong presence on review sites like Yelp are vital for the research phase.

[caption id="attachment_563" align="alignright" width="300"]26CATALOGSCOMBO-master675 The New York Times recently wrote an article on why major brands are again using catalogs to make an emotional connection with consumers. That connection leads to higher sales and strong brand loyalty. Click the image to go to the article. Image: Tony Cenicola/The New York Times[/caption]

Clients are also still highly influenced by print catalogs and magazines. Finding inspiration in print, they generally head online to find more information, the best pricing, and make purchases. It is a strong direct mail piece, along with postcards, that get high response rates.  (See our  post on creating direct mail that gets high response rates here.)

Email marketing is fantastic for the long-tail project of content marketing and immediacy special offers.

Social Media marketing is great to communicate real-time with your customers and convey your brand image and values.

One of the great things about digital marketing is that it often provides customer data and analytics that can enhance all your programs.

When marketing channels are combined appropriately,your marketing program CAN drive higher sales, greater ROI, build your brand, and deepen your relationship with customers. 

Working with AlphaGraphics San Francisco, we can help you develop a cross-media marketing program with built in measurables and demonstrated results.

Check out this short video on the integration of diverse marketing channels and how it drives higher ROI and measurable results.


  1. When you only utilize one area of marketing, you are missing out on opportunities for higher ROI and deeper client engagement. 
  2. Consumer behavior has adapted to take advantage of digital communication, while still relying on and responding to tradition communications like print.
  3. An integration of print and digital marketing techniques reach clients where they are in the buying cycle while creating a deeper relationship between brand and consumer.
  4. Bonus Tip:  Not only do you reach consumers where they are in the buying cycle, you can have a broader presence that puts you where they are, where ever that may be! This is an invaluable asset in an over-saturated market place.

For a list of specific tips, techniques, and marketing channels used in Cross Media marketing, check out our blog post: Cross Media Marketing Tips and Techniques

Ready to see how AlphaGraphics San Francisco can help your business with a Cross Media Marketing Campaign? Using our request a quote form, fill in your name, email, and phone number, and in the project notes, let us know you’d like to speak with an expert to discuss your marketing project.

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