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Why DIY Printing Doesn't Drive ROI

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Fact: Unless the project is small and simple, printing in the office can come at a high cost.

When you look at the true cost of printing “in-house”, you’ll find that it can cost you a lot more than you ever imagined.

Factors that drive up costs while diminishing ROI

  • High cost of ink for smaller printers...for the job you print, and to refill the printer when you are done.
  • Payroll cost of your professional staff printing, collating, and binding. Do you really need to pay $20-$40 hour or more for printing and collating?
  • Loss of valuable work time when your staff is pulled away from their daily projects or other critical tasks drives payroll costs related to the project even higher.
  • Repair costs when the printer breaks down after over-use.
  • Fatal jams and errors that halt or delay the project and no quick solution to have it repaired to finish the project on-time. In our business, we see plenty of last-minute jobs from very stressed out individuals who got half way through a print project when the printer broke down. "Saving money on printing" quickly turns into paying 3X what you spend to send it to a professional printer who can produce a higher quality product with none of the stress and last minute scrambling.
  • Cost of lost business or diminished reputation due to unprofessional document presentation (not properly collated, missing pages, staff doesn't notice streaks on the pages, poor quality binding method, final product not quality checked for accuracy, etc.)
You want to win the job or impress the client. You don't need your staff of highly skilled professionals clearing jams and changing print cartridges, only to produce a sub-par end product. You need them spending every moment preparing to wow...preparing to win.  That's how you achieve maximum ROI. Not only that, professional printing yields more polished results, produces fewer errors, and allows for more choices in production and finishing. Most importantly, it allows your staff to focus on other critical, job specific tasks instead of making copies.

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