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Elevate Your Marketing With Custom Presentation Folders

Custom Presentation folders are the Rolls Royce of print marketing materials. They are elegant, make a stunning first impression, and the recipient can't wait to see what's inside.  For your business, they are an impressive symbol of your organization and brand.

Presentation Folders - Multi-Purpose Marketing Powerhouse

Alphagraphics San Francisco RDI cover

Sales and Marketing Calls

Custom presentation folders are one of the best ways to make a positive impression at any sales call.   Put together a powerful sales kit and lead your potential customer through a well-thought out presentation.

Alphagraphics San Francisco RDI interior

Leave Behinds

Trying to get that big meeting?  Use a custom presentation folder to create a memorable leave behind packet that will make them pick up the phone. Since customer folders come with a slot for your business card, it will stay attached to your sales materials instead of being tossed on the pile.

Internal Communication

It's not only people outside your company that you may want to impress. You can use your branded presentation folders when you on-board new employees, to give our awards and recognition.

You can use custom folders for:

Call Alphagraphics San Francisco today so we can help you create the perfect custom folder that exactly fits your needs!

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