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Get Creative While Promoting Your Business With Vinyl Graphics & Lettering

Promoting your business doesn’t just have to be on paper, online, or on mobile devices. You can also promote on walls, windows, floors, vehicles, signs, banners and more, through the use of vinyl graphics and lettering. Vinyl graphics and lettering is a creative way to promote your organization’s message because they can be adhesively applied to a large variety of substrates. Essentially, they can be thought of as heavy-duty stickers, which can be used to spread messages, advertise promotions, or support the branding and identities of organizations.

Wall Decals

Organizations often use wall decals to accent commercial spaces with their logos or other graphics for branding and identity purposes. Consumers often use wall decals to enhance the décor of their homes, without having to spend tons of money on artwork. Below is an example of a wall graphic that contains both images and text.  

Window Decals

The most common window decals used by businesses are in the form of company logos, for branding and identity purposes, discount messages for special promotions, and store hours for informational purposes. Common window decals used by consumers are frosted window films for privacy and graphics for décor. Below is an example of a frosted window image in the form of the business’ logo.  

Floor Graphics

The most common floor graphics are used as directional or cautionary signs. Thus, floor graphics are mainly used by organizations. However, consumers can also use semi-permanent floor graphics to accent the décor of their homes.  

Vehicle Wraps

Organizations often use vehicle wraps containing their logos or other graphics for branding and identity purposes. Consumers often use vehicle wraps, such as racing stripes and boat names, to accent their cars and boats. Below are examples of full vehicle and partial vehicle wrap.  

Signs and Banners

Vinyl graphics and lettering can also be applied to acrylic signs, aluminum signs, and banners. The process to adhere vinyl decals onto acrylic and aluminum signage sheets is similar to adhering onto windows and vehicles. Applying vinyl graphics and lettering to banners can also be similar, but may also involve the use of heat. Below are examples of signs that have vinyl graphics and lettering applied to them.   Sidewalk signs, menu boards, dry erase boards, cell phones, laptops, and more can have vinyl decals applied to them. Vinyl graphics and lettering can be applied to almost any flat and smooth surface. They can also be applied to flat surfaces that have just a slight texture, such as lightly textured walls. However, they might not be able to adhere to walls that are covered in suede paint or sand paint. Basically, if you can think of any smooth and flat surface, you can probably adhere vinyl graphics and lettering to it.    

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