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How to Create An Outstanding Trade Show Booth

Here are some tips on how to furnish tradeshow booths of different sizes.

Small booths

For smaller booths, such as a 10’x10’, it’s best to use pop up displays or pull up banner stands. A pop up display is a metal structure made up of many interconnected metal parts. When compressed, it takes a tight form of a box that’s approximately 3.5ft tall x 2ft wide x 1ft deep. It’s called a pop up display because when it is “popped up” the metal parts spring out and expand to form a slightly concaved structure that’s approximately 7ft. tall x 8ft. wide x 1.5ft. deep. The front and sides of the popped up structure can then be covered with a tension fabric to form a backdrop for your 10’x10’ booth. When traveling, the condensed pop up display is housed in a box that can also be converted to a podium for the booth. A pull up banner stand is a device that lays flat on the ground. It’s approximately 36-60in. wide x 4in. deep x 4in. tall. Inside the device, is a rolled up banner that can retract to 36-60in. wide x 7ft tall. Behind the banner, a pole is then attached to the device, which the top of the banner can then hook onto in order to keep it retracted. In a 10’x10’ booth, you can position three 36in. wide pull up banner stands next to each other at the back of your booth, to form a backdrop.

Tabletop booths

For a tabletop booth, you can cover your table with a custom table throw with your company logo and/or graphics printed on it. Also, instead of a 7ft tall pop up display or banner stand, you can use a 3ft or 5ft pop up display or banner stand, to be placed on top of the table.

Large booths

For larger booths, such as a 50’x50’, you can build a multi-level structure, containing conference rooms and a presentation area. The walls of the structure that face the outside of the booth need to contain attention-grabbing wall displays, to allure conference-goers into the booth. In order to have multiple conference rooms within your booth, they should be small in size, yet large enough to accommodate a conference table for two. Also, although each conference room should consist of four walls for privacy; some of the walls can be made up of frosted windows or windows with perforated window graphics, to make the room feel more open and airy. In the presentation area, you could hang an indoor banner as a backdrop for the stage. You can also have a kiosk display to serve as the podium at the front of the stage. The booth can also have multiple island structures, where products are showcased, that consist of vivid backlit graphics. Throughout your booth, it is important to display your company and product names with eye-catching signs. The entire booth floor can also be branded with your company and/or product name/logo, using interior floor decals.   Lastly, whether your booth is large or small, every booth should have a literature rack, to display company brochures, catalogs, flyers, and other trade show materials, that’s branded with your company logo. But the most important thing to remember about trade show booths is that they need to have extraordinary trade show graphics.

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