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How Retailers Can Prepare For The Next Shopping Season

As we come to the end of the holiday season, retailers must now prepare for the next shopping season. AlphaGraphics in San Francisco can help local retailers with all their printing needs. To help retailers promote the upcoming spring season, AlphaGraphics can support direct mail campaigns by printing and mailing catalogs containing the new spring items. We also offer direct marketing services, such as list acquisition, graphic design of mail pieces, and variable data printing. In addition, AlphaGraphics can provide brick-and-mortar retailers with new signage and in-store displays for the spring season sales. Let’s take a look at how signage can help retailers generate sales. It starts with exterior signs and window signs to lure passersby into the store. Once a prospective customer is in the store, in-store signage informs the prospect on current special promotions, store layout, and store policies; which are all pieces of information that the potential buyer can use to make informed purchasing decisions. As he/she is about to make a purchase, point-of-purchase displays near the cash register can upsell the prospect on last-minute impulse buys. Below are exterior signs that AlphaGraphics can create for local brick-and-mortar retailers:
  • Building signs, which are signs on building exteriors that consist of the business name or logo
  • Sidewalk signs, which are portable two-sided A-frame signs that can say “SPRING SALE”
  • Outdoor banners, which are banners hung in front of the store that can say “NEW SPRING ITEMS”
Below are the types of window graphics that AlphaGraphics can also create for local retailers to stick on their front windows: Below are different types of in-store signs that AlphaGraphics can create for local retailers:
  • Backlit graphics containing images of new spring items
  • Tabletop signs containing promotional and/or vendor information
  • Shelving signs containing promotional and/or vendor information
  • Promotional posters
  • Wayfinding signs, that indicate directions to store departments and restrooms
  • Department signage
  • Restroom signage
  • Cashier signage
  • Fitting room signage
AlphaGraphics can also create in-store displays, such as banner stands and point-of-purchase displays. Pull-up banner stands can be placed in corners to display images of new spring items. Point-of-purchase displays are placed near cash registers to entice customers in line to purchase such items as impulse buys. If your shop needs direct mail campaigns, exterior signage, window graphics, and/or in-store signage and/or displays, AlphaGraphics in San Francisco can help!  

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