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Windows, Walls and Floors: Complete Office Branding

Creating a work environment that’s vibrant and welcoming does more than just boost pride and production from your office workforce — it’s also a way to encapsulate your brand and project your business’s culture. Branding your office goes beyond painting walls or putting down new carpet, however. Effective office branding involves working with a printer to create collateral that’s truly illustrative of your company.
Exploring Every Surface
Consider your office’s surfaces: the floor, walls, windows, ceiling, etc. Each is its own canvas that’s blank, waiting to be transformed by the power of branding. Knowing how to bring your complete office to life under the guidance of your brand means leveraging each surface with the right collateral. The three most important are the windows, walls, and floor: Windows Windows offer a transparent dynamic that can be utilized for branding in many ways. Consider simple solutions like frosted glass designs, which keep the glass semi-transparent while also projecting an image. Or, think about the power of low, or high, window clings featuring the company branding, slogan, imagery, or motto. Walls Walls are rife with opportunity for branding. Plaques, canvas prints, wall graphics and more can be instantly and infinitely customized to create a powerful office atmosphere. Bold colors, alluring graphics, and custom lettering have all proven integral to full-scale office branding initiatives. Floors Floors aren’t just to be walked on: they’re also easily branded! Interior non-slip floor graphics, exterior floor graphics, custom lettering, and even single-color shapes and tiling are all representative of effective floor branding solutions. The floor shouldn’t be a blank surface in your office building—it should be your largest canvas. Print products dominate office branding because of their simple, cost-effective nature and ease of customization and installation. Creating beautiful wall murals, helpful floor decals and alluring window designs can be accomplished in mere days for a truly transformative effect on your workspace.
Tying Everything Together
When branding an office, it’s important to remember that everything is coming together in a singular, cohesive manner. Wall images can’t clash with floor decals and window stickers can’t obstruct the work environment. Everything has to work in tandem. This is why it’s so important to plan your layout with a designer and work with a print professional that has knowledge of the cumulative branding process. Some tips to consider:
  • Make sure everything is consistently tied back to your overall brand concept, whether it’s color, images, logos, slogans, etc.
  • Be mindful of being over-imposing. Personalize your office space so that it’s branded, not overbearing. There is such a thing as too much!
  • Plan each surface embellishment of your office, then compare the overall concept. This will enable you to focus on each surface, while also seeing how everything else plays out.
  • Consult with experts. AlphaGraphics Lake Mary will know the best material to use for a floor, wall or glass decal, just as our graphic design experts will understand the proper scale to use in your branding designs.
Branding your office can have a profound effect on the legitimacy of your culture, workspace, and overall brand dynamic when done right. Consider each surface of your office and the many possibilities it offers for customization. Then, work with your AlphaGraphics Lake Mary for design and print services that ensure your environment embodies your brand. This is article was written and provided by AlphaGraphics Inc., headquartered in Denver, CO.

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