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Using Window Graphics to Grab Maximum Attention to Your Business

  Business owners have been using windows and storefronts to attract customers for centuries. Displaying products or the promise of value to passersby has and continues to be an effective marketing strategy. The only real difference today are the marketing tactics used. Where a store might have once used a simple sign to draw people in, today we have captivating window graphics to catch the eye and create intrigue. Storefronts aren’t the only place window graphics are being used to generate interest, however. In fact, a wide variety of window graphic styles are available and can be used in many settings for a range of different purposes. Let’s take a look at some of the many options available. Marketing and Branding with Window Graphics Window graphicsWant to add flair to your office space or make your storefront pop? Promotional and branding graphics are an effective way to transform your window glass into a canvas for attraction. All it takes is the right design and placement to project your message.
  • Artistic: Did you know window graphics can be created from photos, drawings, art, and more? An artistic window decal provides a creative touch to your space and can greatly enhance your space’s appeal, brand affiliation, and atmosphere. When you want to display products, logos, or full-window murals to promote an event, an artistic graphic is ideal.
  • Contour Cut: If you wish for the design of your window signage to be cut out exactly, choose a contour cut. Rather than a commonly-shaped border, your decal will be the shape of the design. This is a great option if you want to emphasize a logo. It also works well to save space—by cutting out the border, you make more of the window visible.
Privacy Sometimes, privacy is paramount above all else—especially in areas with sensitive information or clandestine discussions. Just because you need privacy doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your windows. Glass decals and frosted vinyl panels offer an apt solution to shielding your privacy.
  • Opaque/Frosted: Do you need privacy for meeting rooms or offices? By placing a frosted graphic on your windows, it’s easy to create that desired seclusion. The decal will allow outsiders to see there are people inside, without compromising privacy. Plus, it enables outsiders to check occupancy without disturbing people inside.
  • One-Way Vision: A perforated window graphic creates one-way vision. Anyone on the outside of the window sees the graphic. Inside, you can see through the glass, rather than viewing the graphic. This prevents anyone from seeing into your store or office, while simultaneously allowing you to advertise a front-facing message or image. It’s the ideal solution to privacy and visibility!
Information Window LetteringGlass is present throughout most commercial spaces, making it a simple and effective way to convey important information—such as what’s behind a door or where someone might be able to find what they’re looking for. All it takes is the right graphic to convey the message.
  • Lettering: Could your complex facility use some direction for visitors? Clearly label doors and create way-finding (or directional) signage to guide employees and the public through your building. With complete customization, you can create whatever message you need to make the path clear—from labels like “Accounting Department” to simple letters like “A” that identify certain areas using custom window lettering.
  • Second Surface: Also referred to as "inside glass," this type of window decal utilizes reverse printing. Just place the sign on the interior of the glass, facing out, to project a message without subjecting the decal to weathering. It’s ideal for sharing information externally, from an interior standpoint. Use it on storefronts, entrance doors or any external access point.
Deploy the Right Glass Graphics Whether you’re enticing passersby with a storefront decal or adding some privacy to your office space, window graphics are a smart, effective and affordable answer. To discuss the various types of window graphics available or to plan your design with the help of an experienced professional, contact your  AlphaGraphics in Lake Mary. Our team is available to answer questions or get started on your window graphic project today. This is article was written and provided by AlphaGraphics Inc., headquartered in Denver, CO.

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