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Let’s Get Personal

Personalization or having a 1-on-1 relationship is what customers and prospects are expecting from companies and notably the marketing from a company. Now more than ever, the ability to be more relevant with your marketing is not just a reality but an expectation. Prospects and customers are expecting companies and sales professionals to have done their research and to leverage that research and data in their marketing. In fact, if it isn’t relevant or doesn’t show some personal attention, it is more likely to be ignored, trashed, deleted or even generate some adverse response to the company. Consumers are no longer impressed when you “Get Personal”, they just expect it. The data is available and, more importantly, the technology to use it in all your marketing efforts makes it possible. The “New Norm” in marketing is “Get Personal”. Direct Marketing is a key area for “Getting Personal” with your marketing. This includes essential areas, such as direct mail, email, and targeted ads. While not every company or agency can keep up with the technology required to be personal, those that can are helping companies gain market share and, more importantly, get the right customers for their company. To make this work, you need a print and marketing partner that can leverage data, customize content based on that data, integrate it for seamless execution, and track it to measure success. 7 Customer Reasons to “Get Personal” with your Marketing
  1. 31% of surveyed consumers say they wish their shopping experience was far more personal than it currently is (Infosys Research)
  2. Only 22% of shoppers are satisfied with the current level of personalization they receive (Segments State of Personalization Report)
  3. 57% of consumers are willing to share their personal data in exchange for personalized offers or discounts (Salesforce)
  4. 62% of consumers say it is acceptable to send personalized offers/discounts based on items they have already purchased (McKinsey)
  5. The highest-ranked area of interest for personalization was similar product to recent purchase, products related to interest, and updates on availability and price (McKinsey)
  6. 53% of shoppers sign up to get personalized offers (McKinsey)
  7. 63% of respondents said they acted on a personalized message (McKinsey)
It’s important to balance “Get Personal” with privacy. Keep in mind, while consumers are more willing to provide relevant marketing data, only use it with proper permission. Getting personal with a consumer who doesn’t want it or expect it can be dangerous. Always leverage the data slowly and as the consumer allows so they are a willing and interested consumer and not looking to opt-out. Use technology to properly manage the opt-in process and again only be as personal as they want and modify as they request. If you would like to learn how we help our customers “Get Personal” through print and marketing services contact AlphaGraphics Lake Mary today at (407) 330-0245.

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