Your Business Card Sends A Message

Make sure that it's sending the proper message. Business cards are a mini ad for your personal and professional brand. And a memorable card can create a memorable message about who you are. More importantly your potential clients are more likely to hold on to a card that is subtly unique in some way. A properly designed and printed card makes a lasting first impression. We at AlphaGraphics Orlando have been designing business cards for over 35 years. Take it from us for successful tips for creating the perfect business card for your brand.

Different Business Cards for Different Occasions

Cards to impress or cards to address. In a face to face with a potential client you will want a card that makes that first great impression. This is the card that you go all out on and only hand out when making that first impression. Business Card However there are times, such as a trade show or convention when you may be passing out hundreds of cards. The purpose for those cards is to pass on your contact information. We sometimes recommend that a customer print two type of cards for such occasions.

Size and Shape

You may be tempted to go with an odd shaped card and that is a great choice if you are in that type of business. Artist and creative types will benefit from a card that is unique in shape as it will be appreciate by their clientele. As for those in the more conventional businesses we recommend that you stick to the standard card size of 2" x 3.5".  We do a great many round or square cards for customers where that makes sense. However you can stand out in other ways with a standard size card by using things such as plastic, soft touch, rounded corners, embossing or foil stamping. Extra thick cards work well in industries such as financial or construction.

Make Your Business Card Clean

A clutter free, clean design with readable text is best. Keep the message short and sweet on the front of the card; your logo, name, title, phone number and perhaps email address. Use the back, we almost always recommend two sided cards, for company address, website info, products and services etc. The idea is to have a clear and concise message on the front where your name/title stands out and leave the contact information for the back. Entrepreneur’s small business encyclopedia suggests using your company’s logo as the basis for the design, making it the biggest element on the card.

Make Your Business Card Memorable

Make your business card an experience. Therefore you want it to stand out and there are many ways to do that. A linen stock, a soft touch finish or well placed spot UV. If someone remembers your business card they will remember you. When it comes to a memorable design, keep in mind that your card will reach a wider audience if it becomes one that people want to share. This brings us back to the card as an experience. You want a card that makes an impression and a card that makes an impression is more likely to be kept.