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  • 1/15/2019
  • adminus729

Frequently Asked Printing Questions

How much does it cost? Always the first question asked and always the last question that can be answered. Except for some standard items most jobs are custom. So we will have to ask some questions f...

  • 12/16/2017
  • adminus729

The Perfect Business Card

Your Business Card Sends A Message Make sure that it's sending the proper message. Business cards are a mini ad for your personal and professional brand. And a memorable card can create a memorable m...

  • 12/8/2017
  • adminus729

Large Format Printing

  Large Format Printing Basics The demand for large format (wide format, grand format) printing services has increased as availability has increased and costs decreased. Some types of large forma...

  • 12/6/2017
  • adminus729

Bleed, Safety and Trim Explained

Bleed, Safety & Trim Explained When designing your file to print it is important to know what Bleed, Safety and Trim are to insure your file turns out the way you planned. Bleed describes a docu...