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Forget the myths: Business Cards are still a great Marketing Tool

Business professionals are still handing out business cards?

Advancement in technology has changed how people network. A large number of people are moving away from using business cards and are now using catalogs, emails, and advertisements.

Does this trend mean that business cards are losing their relevance in the marketing industry?

Although it may seem like mobile phone applications and networking platforms like LinkedIn have replaced the use of business cards, this is not the case. The use of business cards is still a potent marketing strategy.


Apart from creating a professional image, business cards leave a lasting first impression and above all, they identify your brand. First impression matters! Giving out business cards during networking events can leave a great first impression about you and your firm. Moreover, it gives your network all your information and that of your company. It is, therefore, vital to make your business card in a simple manner that is straight to the point. Handing out your business cards at events will make you memorable and those cards create an accurate and attractive extension of your brand. When designing a business card, it is, therefore, vital to make sure that it mirrors your brand.


business cardYou should include the company logo and maintain the company colors. This will make it easy for your current and prospective clients to be able to identify your firm when they see it. Designing your business cards with different colors from those used in designing the company logo will not only make it difficult for people to identify you, but it can also lead to a disconnect. Use your business cards for referrals. Most people use the internet and social media applications for referrals. However, business cards can also be a great referral tool. You can, for instance, give more than one business card to your network then tell them to give the business cards to people who might be interested in your products or services. Business cards create legitimacy. People find it difficult trusting other people they meet online since they do not know whether you are a scam or the actual person. Giving your business cards individually during networking events creates legitimacy and trustworthiness. Physically meeting your customers or prospective customers is essential for your business even if you only do your business online. Design your business card critically. The design of a business card is a critical process that people overlook. Although you have the option to customize your business card in a manner you like, it is also essential to use all your information and maintain your company colors. When designing your business cards, make it appealing and attractive and above all, use materials that make it durable. Making your business card appealing will make people want to keep it. Instead of going for basic papers, make your business card in a way that it will be able to withstand adverse weather conditions. Your designer should not only make your ideas come to life, but he or she should also create something that will make you memorable. There is an array of choices you can make when it comes to the design of your business card including the material to use and the size and shape of your business card. During the design process, it is therefore important to stick to something that is simple but unique.

The Importance of Touch

Touch creates an emotional connection. We all know the importance of touch in our everyday lives. The same is true for printed materials. Did you know that when some hears something and when they see the same thing, it more than doubles the chance of retention? Further, there is an emotional bond that is created between the recipient and the printed piece. This emotional bond is enhanced when the finish and feel of the printed piece offers a more unique sensation such as soft touch, double thick, and textured stocks.custom embossed business card Use your business card everywhere. Networking events are not the only places you can give business cards. You can include your business card in your business gifts. Including your business cards in business gifts boxes will not only create a great impression but will also make customers want to do business with you again. Also, you can give them out during deliveries or when you have finished providing your services - especially if your clients had to search for you online. This will make it easy for the customer to refer you to other prospective customers or call you when they need your products or services again. It saves your network the time of having to search for you online where they might be scammed. The bottom-line:  although business cards may seem to be old fashioned, they are still a great branding strategy. Compared to other marketing tools, business cards are cheaper and make it easy for people to be able to identify you and your company which is exactly what will make you stand out from your competitors. AlphaGraphics of Buckhead is fully equipped to help you enhance your brand and your impact in the market. We are the number one choice in specialty and traditional print as well as signage needs. We would love the opportunity to design and print custom business cards for you. Speak with one of our print marketing specialists today.

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