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Whether you want your event to increase brand recognition, elicit donations, or simply be the party of the year, creative signage, print, promotional, and marketing materials ensure your event is a success for your brand and a blast for your guests.



Creative event signage can transform a good event into a great one. Overall, it creates an environment that makes your event and brand more memorable. Consider how signage can impact the following aspects of your next event:

  • Enhance the overall ambiance, creating a positive atmosphere in the likeness of your brand
  • Recognize the sponsors who made it all possible
  • Share the important mission of your brand or cause
  • Create “Instaworthy” interactive moments, encouraging attendees to have fun, snap photos, and share the good times with their followers

For business or fun, we'll help you create vivid event posters

Custom event posters are great for:

  • Product features
  • Company announcements
  • Trade shows and expos
  • Wedding and baby showers
  • Semi-annual promotions
  • Birthdays
  • Holiday parties
  • Concerts

The design possibilities are endless!

Our event poster services include:

  • Strategic consultation
  • Design
  • Content creation
  • Full color or black and white printing on the industry's best digital equipment
  • Shapes and sizes to fit every space
  • High-quality paper stock and finishes
  • Various mounting options for hanging or freestanding signage
  • Packaging and delivery or shipping
  • Campaign analytics and tracking

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The event marketing you invest in before and after will bring in more guests for your occasion and keep them involved after it’s over. From mailers to digital and email marketing, promoting your event and staying connected with guest will help you accomplish goals, such as:

  • Build anticipation and set the tone for your event, what to expect, and its themes
  • Spotlight your event when guests rep your brand
  • Show appreciation for your guests with a physical invitation to give it the gusto it deserves (plus, more people will mark their calendar when they get an invitation in the mail)
  • Turn guests into brand loyalists when you follow up with them post-event

The Cause

Madelyn’s Fund helps families with costs related to a NICU stay and funeral expenses for those who have experienced the tragedy of infant loss. The Pink Bow Gala is their largest fundraising event of the year.

The Strategy

  • Raise more donations. A bow wall allowed attendees to purchase a bow in honor of a loved one and donate to Madelyn’s Fund. By creating an experience for attendees and a way to connect with loved ones, the bow wall made for an engaging donation opportunity. A live auction with physical and experiential gifts depicted through signage created another opportunity for continued donations.
  • Communicate the cause. Branded cubes with facts about the impacted families were stacked throughout the event. In addition, signage shared testimonials from families who received assistance.
  • Better recognize sponsors. With their logos displayed on signs and print materials, plus a special check-in table, sponsors were properly recognized for their generosity in supporting the event.
  • Make the event fun! Interactive signage like an on-trend “Barbie box” and a champagne display created photo-worthy experiences. Guests also received custom Madelyn’s Fund tumblers they can use time and time again, increasing brand recognition for the cause.

The Results

“We are so grateful to AlphaGraphics for everything they did to uplevel our event. Not only was the event beautiful, but there was so much more awareness, recognition for our sponsors, and special touches that elevated the night.” - Rachel Lee, founder of Madelyn’s Fund.

Madelyn’s Fund surpassed their fundraising goal by 8%, making the 6th annual Pink Bow Gala a record-breaking event!

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Whether you’re planning a fundraising event, gala, or party, partner with AlphaGraphics to take your event to the next level.

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