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Is Using Recycled Paper Products Worth It?

In a world where environmental awareness is expanding, many people and organizations are looking for eco-friendly options in their daily operations. The use of reasonably priced recycled paper is one such approach that has gained traction in the printing industry. Today, we'll examine the benefits of this environmentally friendly decision, learn about the countless creative opportunities it presents, explore the options AlphaGraphics of Buckhead offers, and decide if using these products is worth doing.

The Green Appeal of Recycled Paper
Recycled paper is not only environmentally friendly, but also wallet friendly. It's often more affordable than it's non-recycled counterparts, making it an attractive option for both eco-conscious individuals and budget-conscious businesses. Here's why it's worth considering.

Eco-Friendly Production
Recycled paper reduces the demand for virgin wood pulp, conserving forests and reducing the carbon footprint associated with paper production.

Waste Reduction
Using recycled paper diverts waste from landfills, contributing to a cleaner planet. It also conserves water and energy during the manufacturing process.

Cost Savings
Affordable recycled paper often costs less than non-recycled paper, making it a cost-effective choice for your printing needs.

Comparable Quality
Modern recycled paper maintains high standards of quality, with options available for various printing projects. 

Creative Possibilities with Recycled Paper
Now that we've highlighted the eco-advantages of recycled paper, let's delve into the creative ways you can put it to use.

Business Cards
Sustainable business cards are an excellent way to make a lasting impression while showing your commitment to the environment. 

Brochures & Flyers
Create eye-catching brochures and flyers with recycled paper, showcasing your products or services in an eco-friendly light.

Whether for weddings, parties, or corporate events, recycled paper invitations add a touch of elegance to any occasion.

Get your message across with large-format posters that catch the eye and respect the planet.

Booklets & Catalogs
Produce informative booklets and catalogs that communicate your message effectively while aligning with sustainable values.

Consider eco-friendly packaging solutions, such as recycled paper bags and boxes, to enhance your brand's eco-image. 

Custom Print Products
The versatility of recycled paper allows for custom printing on a variety of projects, such as menus, greeting cards, and more.

Sustainable/Recycled Paper and Ink Options at AlphaGraphics of Buckhead

French Paper Mill
Their recycled paper options offer a wide variety of ecologically friendly paper goods made from materials ethically obtained (responsible forestry, recycling, cotton) and created using eco-friendly techniques (hydropower, efficient water usage, carbon neutral products) Their most popular recycled paper products include:
  • Speckletone
  • Kraft-tone
  • Printable seed paper
Crane Paper Co demonstrates its eco-friendliness through responsible sourcing (responsible forestry, recycling, cotton), waste reduction, energy and water efficiency, green certifications, and a commitment to reducing their encironmental footprint. Their most popular recycled items include:
  • 100% cotton paper
  • Cranes Crest
  • Lettra
As stated in their own blog: "For centuries, cotton textile waste was recycled to make paper. Today, there is more textile waste than ever. Strong, yet soft, these cotton fibers make beautiful paper. Mohawk Renewal recycled Cotton uses two sources for it's cotton fiber: white t-shirt trim and blue denim thread." Their most popular recycled products include:
  • Mohawk Options
  • Mohawk Renewal
  • Strathmore Pure Cotton
Their recycled paper products are manufactured with a dedication to sustainability and are made 100% of post-consumer waste, providing eco-aware customers and companies with a high-quality paper option that reduces environmental effect. Their most popular recycled paper products are:
  • Astrobrights
  • Environment
  • Royal Sundance
Toyo King
They offer environmentally sound products with renewable vegetable oil-based inks. Our agCraft department solely uses their plant-based ink for offset and letterpress printing, and use 100% recycled dense black ink.

Affordable recycled paper is not only a smart choice for your budget, but also the planet. It's a versatile and sustainable option that allows you to get creative with your printed materials while demonstrating your commitment to environmental responsibility. So, the next time you're planning a printing project, consider the many possibilities that recycled paper and AlphaGraphics of Buckhead offer and join the movement toward a greener, more sustainable future.

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