Tearable Banner

Elevate the excitement at sporting events with the awe-inspiring Tearable Banner. Unleash its grandeur as you burst it apart, creating a spectacular entrance that ignites the crowd's energy. Then, like magic, skillfully piece it back together again, leaving everyone in awe of the thrilling display. This Tearable Banner adds a whole new dimension of thrill and anticipation, setting the stage for unforgettable moments and leaving a lasting impression on both players and fans alike. Let the adrenaline rush as you tear it down and the amazement grow as you restore it, making each sporting event an extraordinary experience to remember.


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  • Details
    • Artwork is dye sublimated on polyester knit fabric
    • The tearaway banner is made of two panels that attach to one another using hook-and-loop fasteners
    • Hook-and-loop fasteners are strong enough to hold the two panels together, but they make the banner easy to burst through
    • Each panel features a 3" pole pocket along the edge, pole pockets are closed at the top to prevent the banner from sliding down the poles
    • Double-needle hem along the non-pole pocket edges
    • Includes pole set
  • More Information
    Product Size 120"W x 93"H x 1"D                                                            
    Product Weight 5 lbs
    Kit Includes Pole hardware, banner, and 2 12' lengths of rope
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