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Dominate Your Brand Presence Through Print Collateral

Branding Your Print Collateral

A brief exchange of solid eye contact, handshakes and an elevator pitch usually resorts in a business card exchange. Grocery stores stuff newspapers with coupons that have been proven to work for years. Businesses print brochures and flyers that are informative and are strong marketing pieces. Print collateral's major influence makes for effective marketing and brand strategy. Our team of experts at AlphaGraphics in Boise, Idaho, knows just how important brand presence is. In fact, we spend days on end printing millions of print materials for companies who see the correlation between print and brand awareness.

What Makes it so Effective?

Often times, print collateral is made for first readership, but can often be seen by secondary or tertiary readers. Sure, we can send emails and be just as effective, but having a physical material in the hands of customers is genuine—unique. It shows that you are willing to go the extra mile not only for your brand but, consequently, for your customers. If you are doubtful, just think. When a business gives you a flyer, you may skim through it and set it on a table, but when it’s time to throw it away, you’ll have to see it again to see what you’re throwing away. It’s another foot in the door, another opportunity for potential customers to remember that look, style, and design of your brand and service. Branded Print Collateral | Boise, ID | AlphaGraphics Remember how it felt as a child to get a letter or card in the mail? You probably felt special and a sense of excitement. That's because physical paper is ingrained in humanity, which dates back to early civilization. When brochures, mailers or other marketing materials are sent out, you're helping the receiver feel appreciative or remembered. But that's only when your message is creative, thoughtful and unique. On top of all the emotions associated with print collateral, it also builds and strengthens relationships. Don't let yourself fall into the trap that print is unnecessary or antiquated. Just put yourself in the shoes of the receiver and you will quickly remember why print collateral is so meaningful.

What Does Print Collateral Mean Exactly?

Print collateral materials are physical pieces of material, such as paper, that strengthens customer-business relationships. Have you ever noticed the cliché move in romantic movies? Not necessarily the yawn, arm-around-the-girl move, but the leave-behind tactic. The guy just so happens to conveniently leave behind a hat or something of the sort in a girl's car. She then has to call him to return it, as an excuse to see each other again. Clever, right? Business is fairly similar. Leave behind a flyer or pamphlet to show you care. You care not only for them but for the quality of your products, services and print collateral. When the customer realizes your company is all about making the extra effort, then you've positioned yourself just right in the mind of the customer. That’s how branded print collateral works—the circle of print life. Some print collateral materials include, but are not limited to:

Getting Started

Building and promoting your brand is a big deal, and it’s a big deal to us. Our staff at AlphaGraphics in Boise, Idaho, is ready and willing to see how we can help your print collateral work for you. Increase awareness and engagement by going the extra mile and capitalizing on print material. Call us at (208) 338-9746 or request a quote below to get started today! [wpforms id="95" title="true"]  

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