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How to Create Corporate Invitations to Fill Your Seats

Whether you’re hosting an open house, event, conference, seminar or party, you seem to always find yourself in the same place. “I need to make invitations! What will it say? I’ll just give it to our designers to figure out.” Sound familiar? We’re definitely talking from experience, but we’ve also become the experts on invitation design, layout and aesthetics.

Make it Unique

Your invitation establishes the atmosphere of the event you’re inviting people to, so make it count. AlphaGraphics offers specialty finishes, giving your invites an added value and a sneak peak of what your business is all about. If you go the extra mile, your customers will go another mile to find you. These enhance the impact of print pieces, but will also ‘wow’ your recipients. Choose from different coatings and types of paper to add to the appeal of your invitation.

FoilFoil Finish | AlphaGraphics | Boise, Idaho

What draws the eye to something more than a shiny piece of paper? Foil does just the trick with its sleek look, but slight ‘pizzaz’ to spark the interest of your reader. Choose from a subtle amount of foil, or a bold amount to get the right feel of your invitation.

Spot UV

Foil can be spotted from far away, but when spot UV is in the hands of your reader, they’ll be so intrigued by the raised ink, that they’ll surely have to attend your event. This is the most subtle specialty finish of them all that gives a professional and sleek look to any print piece.

Die Cut

If you don’t want your invitation idea to be confined by the normal rectangle size of paper, our die cut machine can make literally any shape you want. Want a pop-up, or a 3-D cut? No problem. This will not only wow your readership, but give them a little idea that your company is all about going the extra mile when it comes to events and invitations.


We offer aqueous coatings that are designed to protect your perfect invitations. It provides a high-gloss or matte surface that deters fingerprints and dirt. No need to cross your fingers in hopes your perfect invitations stay the pristine quality in the wild mail process. Our aqueous coatings safeguard your print pieces from the rough elements it may face while being transported in the mail. Similarly, our UV coating is perfect for photographs to jump off the page with the ultra glossy look. Looking for something a little softer? Our soft touch coating will make your readers never want to put it down because of the soft, velvety texture. If you’re really aiming for elegance, this coating has your name written all over it.

Make it Clear

When writing corporate invitations, it needs to be clear and brief. Fifth grade English still applies when you’re trying to grab the reader’s attention, so convey a pertinent detail of the event. Include the who, what, when, where and why so there’s no doubt what the invite is designed for.

Make it BrandedBranded Stationary | AlphaGraphics | Boise, Idaho

Invitations are an additional opportunity to maintain your brand status by using branded stationary, logos and color. It’s easy to feel like your event attendance will be high for the amount of planning and time goes into it, but that’s far from the truth. Include a compelling detail on an invitation, such as a prominent speaker, entertainment or highlight of the event. By giving people a reason to attend, your efforts will be not go unnoticed.

Personalize your Mailing List

If you’re worried about how or who to send your specialized corporate invitations, we got you covered. Our team at AlphaGraphics in Boise can procure a list to send your invitations out to whoever you want. If you’re thinking of saving paper, we can gather a list of contacts based on your criteria to set up a customized direct mailer. We also offer Every Door Direct Mailer (EDDM) which would be sent out to all the businesses or residents in a specific geographic region, all dependent on your preference.  So don’t let the concern of who to send it to scare you away from sending branded invitations and host the best event

What our Customers are Saying

Malouf, a furniture and bedding company in Las Vegas, is a returning customer that sees the value in corporate invitations and brochures.
“Our design team loves working with AlphaGraphics. We are a design trendsetter in our industry, so it’s important to us to always try to push the envelope and be the expert in presentation. AlphaGraphics is a great partner for us because they are always up for a challenge. In particular, twice a year we do a specialty invite for our showrooms and the goal is to try and come up with the most unique idea we can while still staying in budget. We’ll usually have a mix of specialty papers, die cutting, coatings, thermo chromic ink, etc. We also do lots of large-scale pieces on a variety of materials for our showrooms. AlphaGraphics is willing to brainstorm and problem solve with us and they are dedicated to ensuring we’re happy with the end result. They go the extra mile so they’re always our go-to printer!” -Olivia Godfrey, Malouf

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