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Print Materials That Every Retail Owner Should Be Using

Owning and running a retail business has many moving parts, including marketing your products to increase revenue. Printed materials are used to reflect the quality of service an organization offers and represents the standards they set. Establish the credibility your retail business needs to build a loyal customer base through quality print materials, such as annual reports, booklets, educational materials and flyers and brochures, only at AlphaGraphics in Boise.

Annual Reports

Although all marketing materials should communicate important messages about your retail business, nothing tells your company's story in a more comprehensive way than your annual report. Think of it as your chance to share your successes with your customers and stakeholders while allowing you to put your best foot forward for the next year of sales. Let the numbers do the talking and we’ll do the printing.

Booklets and Brochures

At AlphaGraphics in Boise, we understand the importance of brochures and booklets. Your clients will get the information they need in a visually-appealing, easy-to-read format. Whether you want to talk about your story or the prices of your products and services, you’ll have plenty of space. 

This collateral can help create instant customers by including coupons or offers in your material. Booklets and brochures naturally give someone ‘light’ reading that can be engaging if designed well enough. Graphics and infographics can please visual readers while relaying product information and sales.

Educational Materials

Educational materials in the retail industry can seem odd and inapplicable, but don’t forget about your internal onboarding process. Do you need training materials created to teach new hires how the job should be done? Or are you wanting to educate your customers about a new campaign or sale that includes more long-form content? Whatever the reason, we create educational materials to fit any need.


No matter your business, flyers can be pivotal to stay connected with clients, employees and members. Whether your flyers are targeted to deliver critical business updates, promote sales and events or outline an upcoming schedule, professionally designed materials are a must.