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How AlphaGraphics Magically Brings Printed Materials To Life

The Life of a Project

Creating the perfect project is essential in successfully getting your message across. Here at AlphaGraphics, we simplify the process of moving a project from concept to physical product. In this article, we’ll outline the life of a project, in this case, the life of business cards.

Main Design

The first step in this project is the same for all projects: choosing the main design. The product’s design depends on what it is intended for. In the case of business cards, their design may be custom-made, following a provided corporate template, or even a full-service design. The full-service design options are ready-made options provided by AlphaGraphics for the customer to choose from. The design of the business card will depend on the business the customer needs them for. AlphaGraphics knows how to work with each of these options, depending on the customer’s needs.

Business Card Template ExampleMaterials

The second step is selecting the material the product will be printed on. In the case of business cards, the product may be printed on a variety of materials such as standard card stock, heavy card stock or specialty items such as metallic, plastic or magnetic material. This choice will depend on preference, budget and business. While a metallic business card may capture attention perfect for a trendy ad agency, a card stock option may be a better fit for something like a daycare service. Everything about the product sends a message, down to the materials used to create the product.

Die Cut Business CardsStyle and Shape

When printing business cards, the process doesn’t stop with selecting the main design and materials. The next step is to select the style, shape, and dimensions of the cards. This includes a variety of things, starting with the look of the card. Is it going to be one-sided or double-sided? What design looks best, vertical or horizontal? These options ensure that your project is created and prints perfectly. Continuing the style of the card is the shape of the card. Will the card’s personality reflect the business personality more with rounded corners? Maybe a fold or cutout will be needed. In that case, where will the fold be, and will it be horizontal or vertical? As for cutouts, how big of a cut is needed and where will it be? Is it a specialized shape? Watch the video below and see how we took a flat printed card and gave it life by turning it into a snowman with dimension. [embed][/embed] Each of these options are designed to make your business card, or any project, match your expectations. By starting with the main design of the card and working our way down to the specifics, AlphaGraphics makes sure that your orders come out exactly the way you envisioned. If you are interested in bringing your next print project to life give one of our experts a call. We will walk you through the process so you can see how your project will come to life. Contact us today to get started.

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