Variable Data & Mapping Idaho Falls

Reach your customers with personalized messaging that tells them you know what they need, also known as one-to-one marketing, targeted, or personalized printing.

Personalized printing with variable data

Variable data printing allows you to customize offers specifically to a customer’s interests or past purchase history. Increase response rates while reducing overall printing and mailing costs due to more targeted materials, as opposed to traditional "shotgun" campaigns.

Generate more business with variable data printing

Resonate with your customers when you use variable data printing in your direct-mail pieces, invitations, promotional flyers, event promotions or any other type of product. Variable data gives you the ability to change words, images, and colors in the same print run. According to Fundera, adding a name to your direct mail piece can increase response rates by 135%. Imagine the power your message will carry to your customer when you have crafted a personalized look and feel just for them.

How does variable data printing work?

  • Information from mailing lists or customer databases are matched to data fields in a marketing piece layout

  • Images can vary based on the customer

  • Printing then takes place on a record-by-record basis with a unique piece generated for each customer

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