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Use Your Time Better With Custom Calendars

Calendars are a visual representation and constant reminder of life, work, school and family events. Calendars are also fun, customizable, and efficient for keeping dates and information organized for your convenience. At the AlphaGraphics Business Center in Idaho Falls, calendar solutions are easy and affordable, so there’s no need to break the bank for calendars that will benefit your lifestyle.

Calendars at WorkCustom Calendars | AlphaGraphics | Idaho Falls, Idaho

We all know how important it is to keep your daily work commitments straight so you can meet deadlines and show up to meetings on time. There’s no better way than to have a desk or wall calendar close at hand as a physical reference and daily reminder.  Writing reminders, details, and information on sticky notes or, more archaically, on the palm of your hand, just won’t cut it in this fast-paced, efficient world. You’ll feel more in control of your day to day activities when you have a permanent location where you can keep track of them.

Calendars at Home

Home life can be even more hectic because of all the colliding schedules, events, holidays, and birthdays that need to be remembered. A calendar located at a central location in the home is one of the best ways to keep your family organized.  Family calendars can track events, practices, birthdays, work obligations and any other reminder you can think of. No need to stress about remembering things again; put it on the calendar and let those anxieties go. You can also organize your home office with the addition of a desk calendar. Having a separate calendar in the home office can separate those pressing work events from fun-filled family ones.  The AlphaGraphics Business Center in Idaho Falls has everything you need to customize your calendar to please the whole family. Put your personality on it and have some fun. 

Calendars for Students

Life as a college student is hectic and full of classes, deadlines, important social events, graduation requirements, and various obligations. Desk and wall calendars in your apartment or dorm can enhance your scheduling game and make it easier to plan and get through the days. 

Advertising Your Business with Calendars

Calendars are also an ideal marketing solution for any business or brand. AlphaGraphics calendars are completely customizable. If you wish, you can even insert customer names or business information into variable data fields to personalize your calendar. Send them out to customers and you’ll have year-round advertising at a low cost.  It’s also possible to incorporate QR codes, PURLs (Personalized Landing Pages), coupons and SMS short codes in your calendars to enhance your marketing strategy. You can make your calendars available at the counter or mail them out as gifts and promotions. Either way, our team members at AlphaGraphics can make your brand pop on any calendar type you choose. 

Customizable Calendars

There are plenty of materials, formats, and design solutions for you to choose from. You can also incorporate photos, brand logos, and personal graphics, as well as original templates and designs. You can choose from any of the unique templates and designs we make available for you.  Every calendar is made with high quality printed materials and is provided to you at the best value. Calendar options at AlphaGraphics include:
  • Bulk calendar printing
  • Promotional calendar printing
  • Custom size options
  • Custom desk calendars
Display format options include:
  • Wall, pocket, or desk formats
  • Dry erase
  • Array of custom, heavy-duty paper stocks, and finishes
  • Hanging
  • Adhesive padding
  • Magnetic
  • Free-standing
Calendars don’t just keep you on track for the things you have to do in life; they can also remind you of events around Idaho Falls that can keep you involved with your community. The annual Policeman’s Ball, Fall Harvest Festival, Sidewalk Art Festival, and the Idaho Falls River Walk are all important community events. Have them prewritten on your calendar so you’ll be ready when the time comes. Request a quote below or call us at (208) 522-2679 to get started today!   [wpforms id="545" title="true"]

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