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Get The Best Gift Wraps in Idaho Falls, ID.

Packages wrapped in brown paper and tied with twine.

Get The Best Gift Wraps in Idaho Falls, ID.

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During the holiday season there is so much to think about when getting the perfect gift for a loved one. Sometimes it feels like it’s impossible to get something unique, useful, and not insanely expensive. Although receiving gifts can bring a euphoric feeling, there is something that brings immense joy about giving a personalized gift. Alphagraphics – Idaho Falls, ID, has the best gift wrap printing designers in Idaho Falls and the Surrounding Communities. Here are four of the best custom gift ideas for your loved one this holiday.

Images of beautifully wrapped presents covered in brown paper with Christmas tree branches tied to the top

Rustic Designs

Rustic gift wrap designs create natural warmth and beautiful simplicity. The best thing about rustic designs is that they are easily incorporated into various products, and almost every product looks good with one. The natural earthy-brown colour blends flawlessly with plain white, black, gold or grey prints. For any holiday, you do not need to make your customized gift astonishing – a brightly printed ribbon or kraft tape with a jolly pattern is all you need.

Image of a fathers day card with wooden letters reading DAD cut out next to it.


We can add any logo or symbol embossing to your personalized gift. This is a fantastic way to create a visual representation that your colleague or loved one will forever remember. This technique creates a 3D effect on the gift wrap or box by adding a sense of novelty on its surface to embrace a feeling of unique touch. If you like, we can throw in a hot stamping detail so your designs can have a luminescent effect wherever it’s placed.

Image of a beautifully wrapped card with a ribbon in the middle

Personalized Text

One of the main purposes for giving gifts is to make the receiver happy because you cherish them. Our print services recommend adding text as one of the best ways to ensure you steal a smile from them during their festivities. Using personalized text can surprise them, and there are endless options here, depending on what your colleague loves. For example, you can opt for a handwritten font on the box or wrap or slide in a thank you or wish note inside the box.

Image of nicely wrapped presents covered in Christmas Paper

Holiday Themes

Make your gifts even more unique by using holiday colors. For example, several colors to implement during the Easter holiday are red, pink, green, gold, purple, white, and even black. If it’s Christmas time, adding a touch of red and green to your gifts sends a message that your gift was well thought of, and you considered the time of the year. Reach out to our printing services in Pocatello and the surrounding community for custom- and ready-made holiday designs.

Do not be a dull gift giver.

Customizing your gift goes a long way in ensuring your gift is not only meaningful but pleasant in appearance. We know it can be difficult sometimes to come up with a custom design all on your own, but that’s why Alphagraphics in Idaho Falls, ID, Pocatello and the surrounding communities are here. Let us help! Give us a call today.  

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