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5 Reasons You Should Locally Print Your Wedding Invitations

All the Advantages That Going Local Brings to Your Big Day

Wedding invitations are arguably one of the most important pieces of mail you’ll send out in your entire life. Nothing conveys pomp and circumstance quite like a wedding invite. It’s the first impression of your big day. It gets your friends and family excited to witness your major life event. It also gives you and your fiancé a chance to get really creative together, which is an occurrence that doesn’t happen too often. The wedding invite is the opening act to what is expected to be a long and happy marriage, but where do you even begin? How can you be sure that the invite meets the quality and design expectations that you and your future spouse have in mind?

Although going online and taking a crack at the design work yourself or outsourcing it to an out-of-state company may seem like good ideas, both of these options have their challenges. Namely, the paper and print quality of the invites are a relative mystery up until much later down the line. Additionally, crafting a high-quality wedding invite can be a challenge if you’ve never done it before. Templates may be fine for some people, but most want custom wedding invitations so they know their relationship is being represented in a way that’s unique to them. A surefire way to guarantee your wedding invitation design gets the professional printing treatment they deserve is by going local. The following are the top five reasons why doing your wedding invitations close to home makes the process simple and easy.

Reason #1 – Overcome the Internet Barrier

Don’t get us wrong. The internet is an amazing tool that we use every day, but it’s not without limitations. Case in point: when you sample wedding cakes, you’re not going to do it online. You’re going to do it in person. That’s really the only way to know for sure if it’s going to be good enough for you and your guests. The same applies to custom wedding invitations. Although you can get a pretty good idea of what a wedding invitation is going to turn out by reviewing a digital image, nothing beats physically being able to hold and examine it yourself. That’s the core advantage of going with a local company like AlphaGraphics. We can show you paper and print samples so you’re not moving through the process blindly or with partial information. Having the in-person experience of seeing and handling things for yourself simply can’t be replicated online.

Reason #2 – Direct Access to a Vast Wealth of Experience

When you physically pay a visit to a local printer, that means you get to speak with their staff and ask them all the questions you’ve ever had about wedding invitations. Most people want to know what’s popular or trending along with any potential common errors to avoid. By speaking with your local print shop’s staff in person, you get the opportunity to have all your most pressing questions addressed by people who have been in the wedding invite business for years. That wealth of experience and focus on customer service isn’t something you’ll get with an out-of-state printer or online venue. When it comes to discussing custom wedding invitations, nothing beats an in-person consultative approach provided by AlphaGraphics.

Reason #3 – A Print Shop That Also Does Design

There are a lot of customer wedding invite designers out in the world. There are also a lot of print shops. AlphaGraphics happens to be one of the few that can do both the design work and the printing all under one roof. This helps out couples tremendously who like to keep things simple. Trust us, when it comes to wedding planning, keeping the amount of companies you work with down to a minimum will save you a ton of time and effort.

Reason #4 – Cutting Down Wait Times and Shipping Costs

Perhaps the worst part about the wedding invitation process is all the waiting you have to do before you actually get to see your invites in person. With most companies, you’re going to be looking at 7 – 10 days between your design being approved and samples finally arriving at your door for review. Shipping costs also need to be factored in, and those can very quickly add up. However, with a local company like AlphaGraphics, when your initial design is approved, you can review the sample by stopping by the shop in person. No waiting for mail to arrive or shipping costs. If you like what you see, you can move ahead in the process by putting in your order. Going local saves you time and money on shipping.

Reason #5 – Mass Mailing Made Easy

Although some couples like the process of personally addressing each and every single wedding invitation, that can be a little time-consuming and tough on the hands. With AlphaGraphics, you can have your custom wedding invitations distributed to your guests directly from our shop. All we need is the list of names and addresses. Much the same way your wedding invites are customized, we can also show you plenty of envelope and font styles to be used for the mailing.

Contact AlphaGraphics For Your Custom Wedding Invitation Needs

If you’re looking for a local print shop in Johnson County that specializes in custom wedding invitations for your upcoming big day, contact our team so that we can set up an appointment for you to come chat with us. We can show you several different samples of wedding invitations along with several paper, font, and design options. There’s no project that’s outside the realm of possibility, so get ready to get creative.

You can reach the AlphaGraphics team today by calling (913) 236-8888 or you can use our contact form to send your question via email.

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