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  [caption id="attachment_256" align="alignnone" width="300"] Brochures produced by Alphagraphics[/caption] AlphaGraphics has printed, produced and designed many custom brochures and pamphlets for a multitude of businesses, whether it is a menu, school event, or information brochure. We can do it all. Brochures are a great way to quickly list what your company does and they are an easy product to hand out to future customers. They are a very versatile and convenient asset to have for any business. Here are some pointers for creating an effective brochure for your company:
  • Limit your fonts: keep everything simple and quick to read. Too much text can distract a reader from the important message you are trying to convey
  • Decide what paper stock to use: before creating your brochure, choose the right paper stock depending on the purposes you plan to use it for
  • Put the reader first: always keep in mind what specific information you want the reader to gain from your brochure
  • Simple statements are key: similar to the first point, make sure you come up with quick and easy to remember statements
  • Brainstorm a layout beforehand: always think of a creative but workable layout before creating your final brochure
  • Use sharp, clear photos: Photos show the quality work your company does, so make sure all photos in the brochure are clear and sharp
  • Make a long lasting impression: end the brochure with your company’s mission statement or slogan and it will leave a lasting impression on the reader

For a brochure, pamphlet, or booklet for any occasion, contact Alphagraphics to help you create the perfect one!

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