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Get Noticed With Large Format Posters

When a business takes advantage of large format printing, they are able to more effectively reach their audience. Large format posters, or more specifically, large format foam core (foam board) posters are extremely affordable and have both a professional and versatile appeal.

Introducing your intended audience to their first large format poster creates an unforgettable and long-lasting impression for them. Since there are many accessible poster sizes and options, the life-sized posters printed in vibrant and beautiful colors are unforgettable to gaze upon.

Foam Core Poster Printing Foam core posters are frequently used in large format printing. Their internal foam core is unique. They are also customizable, lightweight, cost-effective, and easily used in printing. The sizes they are available in are 1/8”, 3/16”, and 1/2” for thicknesses and these posters can be cut to almost any size or shape you can dream of. These state-of-the-art inks are used to create some incredibly bright and striking colors, which is favorable for printing complicated designs and creative digital imagery. Posters can be used by companies both large and small as well as teachers and students alike. The many uses of posters are extended but are not limited to: Businesses + Corporations – It is important for businesses to utilize the benefits of the flexibility of custom foam posters, especially when presenting at a tradeshow. Since the posters are lightweight, they are easier to carry to different destination points. These posters can also easily be cut into various shapes and sizes which makes for easier viewability from a distance. By being easier to see, posters become an essential part for businesses looking to draw people’s attention. Foam boards are also great to use as presentation materials. Charts, pictures, tables, and graphs can all be printed and displayed on them. They also work effectively when presenting to large groups of people in a conference room or auditorium. The foam boards are convenient since they can effortlessly be sent from the printers directly to the conference or trade show. SchoolsFoam core posters are also effective when being used as education materials such as in science projects as well as for classroom materials. These print posters are rugged, durable, and have the potential for reusability which can last for multiple years to come. This should be kept in mind for any school instructors wishing to maintain a steady budget. Black and white printing is also a viable option that acts as an economical solution to anyone on a budget. Since there are many templates to choose from, it saves money by not requiring the assistance of a graphic designer. This maintains convenience and efficiency while simultaneously removing the need to drive out to place a new order! Brick and mortar stores – Using a foam board poster as an in-store display produces several advantages. Since these foam posters are lightweight, they will not injure anyone if they happen to tip over. They also offer a wide range of possibilities for advertising because they are able to be cut into a variety of different shapes. The ink printed onto them is permanent and will not fade, so the poster can be reused as frequently as necessary. We can also laminate the poster to ensure that the surface stays nice and crisp once your custom poster is hung up.   AlphaGraphics in Worcester can help you with your next large format poster or foam core poster printing project. To learn more about how AlphaGraphics can help you you may email us, request a quote or call us at 508-793-0956.

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