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Customer Highlight: Freelance Designer, McKenzie Stroot

What an exciting month October is!  While school is well underway and sport activities begin taking shape, we also hear more and more wedding bell ringing.   Fall greets us with many printing opportunities, but it is always a favorite of ours to see client’s ideas- from invitations and RSVPs to etched glasses and stickers- come to life to help celebrate this magical day.  We sat down with freelance designer, McKenzie Stroot, to get insight from her prospective of that creative process.    
  1. Tell us a bit about the graphic design work you do and which services you offer.  Also, do you have a website or social media accounts we could share?
Through the varying requests of family, friends, and coworkers- I have had the opportunity to create wedding invitation suites, restaurant menus, business cards and promotional business material, baby shower posters and decor, silent auction flyers and programs, social media and email marketing pieces, birthday invitations... the list is truly endless.   2. How did you get started in graphic design?  How did you get started as a freelancer?   My family owns a restaurant.  So I started making flyers, business cards, and simple menus for it in high school whenever my parents needed something and taught myself along the way.  As I became more skilled, I created the menu and website. While I have a Master's degree in Communications and have several years’ experience as a Marketing Manager, I have never taken a formal graphic design class.               3.  How would you describe your style? Typography-based, modern.                 4.  Can you tell me a little bit about your creative process? Because I have a strong typographic style, fonts are always first. Once I have the font, the rest comes together fairly easily.  
  1. What has been a favorite design you've worked on?
My own wedding invitations were my favorite, but also my most difficult design project.  I quickly realized it is much easier to take direction from other people and help them create their vision.  When creating for myself, with the ability to endlessly make changes, I just couldn't decide when it was done.                
  1. How do you find new clients?
I don't advertise- word of mouth has kept me busy with freelance work so far.  
  1. What is one thing you wish (non-graphic-designer) clients did or understood?
I love when clients send me inspiration photos or samples; it is the best way for me to understand their vision.   If you would like to contact McKenzie, you may do so at  

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