Image is an icon of a piece of mail with a personalized name.


Deliver the WOW factor by connecting with the interests and preferences of your contacts. Personalization isn’t just limited to names. Custom imagery, offers, and other data can be easily integrated into your mailing to help encourage response rates.

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Social Match

With Social Match, agMail+ delivers the same message from the mailing to your prospects’ social media accounts, warming them up to your marketing message before your mail reaches their mailbox.

Image of a red mail letter.

Mail Tracking

Track your direct mail piece just like a package through your agMail+ dashboard. Be prepared for new calls and online leads by knowing exactly when your mailing campaign is being delivered.

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Informed Delivery®

Tap into an engaged email audience through an integration with Informed Delivery® from the USPS. With Informed Delivery® integration, your mailing audience will see a full color, clickable email ad prior to receiving the direct mail piece, giving you another touch point to drive people to your website.

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Call Tracking

Understand the effectiveness of your campaign by tracking and recording every call that comes in as a result of the mailing. Use the call recordings as a guide to better serve prospects and train your staff.

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Digital Follow-Up

Reach prospects who have previously visited your website, but have not taken action, with a digital ad on social media and across other sites they visit. Reinforce brand recognition and drive interested prospects back to your website for an opportunity to convert to a customer.