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Diecutting on the Heidelberg Cylinder

Watch the AlphaGraphics Missoula Heidelberg Cylinder Letterpress Die Cut Products!

Pocket Folders, Keg Collars, Rounded Corners, Proposal Covers, Hang Tags, Custom Tabs...

What do all these products have in common?  They are all custom shaped!  Many people don't think about it (who doesn't think about print all day!?), but items like pocket folders, tabs, and hang tags all have very unique shapes.  These shapes, with specific pocket sizes, holes, and tabs aren't made that way and then printed on.  They are printed flat and then cut out using a die cutting machine like our Heidelberg Cylinder Letterpress. This Heidelberg Cylinder Letterpress is pretty old... it was actually built in 1960.  With a nice refurbishing job in 2008, we brought our Heidelberg back into true form.  It has been a work horse for us creating custom shaped products for years.  Watch as we display the Heidelberg in action, cutting out Keg Collars for one of our local breweries, Big Sky Brewing. We can custom create almost any shape using steel cut dies - a sort of cookie cutter made out of steel and embedded in a plank of wood.  The die is inserted into the Heidelberg Cylinder Letterpress as well as the stack of pre-printed keg collars.  The keg collars are printed full color, 3-up, on our 4 color Ryobi 684 offset press.  The Letterpress has small fingers called grippers that grab one sheet at a time, and then transfers the sheet to a roller where it is stamped against the die, and then delivered back to the operator called the delivery.  

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