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  • 9/3/2020
  • admin

More than ever direct mail works

There are some clear facts that most businesses are neglecting. People are stuck at home and are looking at a screen all day. They look forward to getting the mail. And while their Google or Outlook "...

  • 1/26/2020
  • admin

How to Get 23% - 46% Higher Conversions on Your Lead Generation for Cents per Contact!

We've been working with a technology partner to leverage a simple and effective capability; omni-channel marketing. Let's face it, direct mail out-produces email, social and PPC, but combine the offli...

  • 1/12/2020
  • admin

Useful Application with Story Telling

I came across this Specialty Papers review of a calendar that not only provides the recipient the date but tells a story along the way. What a fantastic idea! A useful tool that could be used to tell ...

  • 9/2/2019
  • admin

How Color Impacts Direct Mail

One of the reasons so many monthly subscription gift box companies are coming into existence is we love to receive gifts and the surprises within. Any of these companies will tell you that presentatio...

  • 1/20/2019
  • admin

Sponsored "Inmail" Module Cluttering My Inbox

In peer group meetings I keep hearing about companies that are using the Sponsored Inmail service. The program allows you to narrow the contact list to your target audience  by titles, industry and ev...

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