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Every Door Direct Mailing: Targeted Marketing for the rest of us...

So, just what is Every Door Direct? Otherwise known as EDDM, this program is a terrific way to reach your potential customers. You can reach every home, every address, at an incredibly cost-effective rate of just 14.5 cents each in postage. How's it work? Well, start by choosing a postal carrier route in an area that would most benefit from your services. For instance, if you own a pizza shop, most of your potential customers live probably within a 5 mile radius of your store. So, using the U.S. Postal Service's website, you can pick and choose those neighborhoods that best fit the demographic you want to target. Next, you need to decide what offer you'll promote, and design a piece that'll quickly and effectively communicate that. That's where Alphagraphics Westlake comes in. Not only can we help you determine your prospect base, we can design a piece that'll get the message across. Last, deliver the pieces to the local USPS office, and get ready for your phone to start ringing! Seriously, there's no reason why any retail business shouldn't be using this program. It's easy, cost-effective, and your return on investment is unlimited. Not sure where to begin? Call us today at (440) 835-6540. We can help. It's what we do. In the meantime, wanna test-drive the program? Visit the USPS below via the link provided and get instant counts.

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