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Why I miss our local newspaper...

Our local newspaper recently stopped daily delivery. They now have a confusing business model of delivering a couple times a week. It was a cost-reduction move based on the changing way people are getting their news and information. Call me out of date and old-fashioned, but I found great value in getting that newspaper each day. I came to realize that while much of what was in there had already been reported on via the web, I found that the daily newspaper distilled things down for me and helped me recap what happened and what the facts were. In an age of instant information and disinformation, I found this greatly beneficial. Now, I get to read it online, which to me is completely unsatisfying. I've since cancelled my subscription all together, although they still deliver (thankfully) that massive Sunday paper to our doorstep. Someday, our children will be reading books to their young children, and I hope it's the same way my wife and I read to our kids. Not by the fluorescent shine of a Kindle or iPad, but by the warm glow of the tabletop lamp casting its light upon those glorious printed pages.

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