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Big Prints, Bigger Memories

We recently indad on the wallstalled an amazing wide format printer, the HP260, a 61" roll printer that can print on a wide variety of papers, and since the inks are latex, the prints are completely waterproof and will last several years outdoors. The latex inks are also flexible, which allows the prints to be applied on curves and contours. This allows us to provide our clients with not only the typical outdoor signage, such as banners and yard signs, but window perfs, pop-up banners for trade shows, and vehicle wraps. Way cool! As we began the installation and training, we came across a photo of our father, Jeff Sr., running a printing press way back in 1967. It's such a great photo, the kind of photo you don't see anymore. We decided to put the HP to work and pay homage to our father. We scanned and retouched the photo, then enlarged it to 40" x 65", printing it on a permanent-adhesive film. We then mounted the print to white foamboard, trimmed to size, and proudly hung it on a wall at our business center. So, Dad is always with us, both in memory and in print.  

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