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Targeted Direct Mail vs. EDDM

We recently had a meeting with a new client who was interested in executing a direct mail campaign in an effort to announce that their practice had recently relocated. We talked about the advantages of "Targeted Direct Mail" vs. "EDDM". What they learned is that it requires a good, hard look at what your objectives are, who is your target audience, and how you can best reach those coveted prospects. Initially, they wanted a letter stuffed into an envelope, but wanted to mail only to neighborhoods. While that is possible, that's a very expensive list to acquire, and in the end, probably isn't going to meet their objectives. So, we discussed EDDM. After all, if they want to target neighborhoods, that's the perfect tool. An EDDM mailer will be delivered to each and every stop on a postal carrier's route. The disadvantage is that it had to be a postcard, something the client really did not want to do. The other disadvantage with EDDM is that you can't really drill down on the demographic the way you can with a Targeted Direct Mail piece. This was important to the client, as they felt (and I agree) that an EDDM postcard will end up in the hands of many households who wouldn't benefit from our clients services. In the end, they decided that a Targeted Direct Mail campaign is the best solution. It allows us to really drill down on the demographic in a cost-effective manner. If you are considering a direct mail campaign, you should sit down with your print marketing company and let them guide you thru the options. It'll be worth it!

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