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Designing a brochure? Here's a few tips...

We receive lots of files from our clients. Believe it or not, roughly 85% of those files require some sort of fix on our end. Here's the most common things we're fixing...
  • No bleeds
  • Improper folds
  • Low resolution images and logos
  • Incorrect color space
  • Missing fonts and links
These errors and omissions cost time and money, and can sometimes be the difference between a job being completed on-time and being late. Never good to be late! So, here's a few tips when designing a brochure that'll save you time (and money)...
  • Use InDesign. While the interface is a bit overwhelming, it is a powerful page-layout program that just about does it all.
  • Use guides: Especially when you are designing a folded piece. This will help you avoid common errors such as text creeping over.
  • Use InDesign's "package" feature: This collects all the needed fonts, graphics and document and compresses it into one handy file, everything we need to get the job done.
  • Create a PDF file: This eliminates most (if not all) of the inherent issues that plague a prepress department, and are an industry-standard.
But the best advice of all is call your friendly printer. They will be more than happy to give good advice and helpful hints to make your brochure look the best that it can look!

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