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Designing a sign? Here's a few tips...

Have you ever been driving down the road & a sign happens to catch your attention? Did you have trouble reading it? Happens all the time. Many times, people design a sign with a predetermined size in mind. Let's say you decide that you want a sign that is 2 feet x 4 feet. Sounds good, right? Well, it all depends. If there is a lot of information that needs to be included, that might not be nearly large enough. On the other hand, if the only thing needed on the sign is "SALE!", maybe that size is too big. Here's a few tips...
  • Start with the type size. Type out your message and let that dictate the size of your sign
  • Use a san-serif font for headlines, as they are typically easier to read from a distance
  • Differentiate the headline by choosing a bright color, such as red
Any good sign shop can offer helpful tips to help your sign have maximum impact.

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