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Crackin' up...

When folding paper, cracking is no laughing matter. Typically, cracking occurs when folding paper that has toner on the fold. It produces an unsightly finished edge, and can ruin an otherwise beautiful print job. How do you avoid this? Well, only two ways that I know of...
  • Don't print on the fold!
  • Using a creaser to minimize (and most of the time eliminate) cracking
What's this mysterious creaser I speak of? It's a dedicated machine, typically offline, that "indents" the paper where the fold is to occur. It stretches the fibers of the paper and toner, allowing the fold to do its thing without cracking either the paper or the toner. Most print shops have these dedicated creasing units in their business. But just to be sure, ask your friendly-neighborhood printer if they do indeed have creasing capabilities. They'll be impressed that you asked, and you'll be impressed with the results.

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