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The Psycolorgy of Red

The psychology or color, or “psycolorgy” if you will, has helped brands and businesses find ways to tap into their customers’ emotions.  While we take our visual perception for granted, if we study these hues, we will discover their cues and how we react to them. To get this color wheel rolling, we’re homing in on one particular color each month with an infographic covering some special tips and secrets about their pigment quality and our emotional attachment. And what better way to start off with our first color as red.  While everyone is painting the walls with it for Valentine’s, it is also the very first color we see as babies. So tap into color by clicking the image to see the full-size image and find out more to this alluring color! And if you've got some fun facts yourself about red, share it with us on Twitter @AG_Westlake #psycolorgy psycolorgy red

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