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AMP Up Your Message: Three Key Factors for ANY Marketing Strategy

microphone Making calls, sending postcards, monthly newsletters?  How's your response?  Are you getting any?  You may find yourself in a rut to get any leads coming your way.  You have something they need, no doubt.  But maybe they're not sure who you are or what you offer. It may be you need to AMP your message.  Here are three easy keys that are needed in any marketing strategy to reach your prospects. 1. Audience Do you know who your target audience is?  Men or women? Both? Young adults, parents, teachers, business professionals? Giving your ideal buyer a personality helps understand who you are trying to reach and thus giving your marketing a voice, leading to... 2. Message Now that you know who your audience is, how would you speak to them? What would you talk about? Pain points you know they have struggling to run their business or reach their goals one approach.  Knowing what they need in a vendor or professional is another. Think of the radio.  Each station at a certain time has a certain vibe.  Do you tune in or change the channel? Fine tuning the message in your marketing campaign will help increase your chances your audience will keep listening or move on to the next thing.  But if they are tuned in, make sure you have this... 3. Promotion This doesn't necessarily mean a special offer, but rather what you're asking your audience to take part in.  It's your CTA (Call To Action.)  Keep it flowing and relevant to the message, as well as your audience.  They may be saving on something they may not realize they need, or register for an event that relates to them. This really is the reason you're marketing in the first place.  You have something to talk about to a certain person and want to find a way that they'll understand it. Keep these steps in mind for any marketing effort, and you're sure to find consistency in your voice and outreach to finding more leads.  If you're in need of ideas, feel free to drop us a line to see how we can help!

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