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Vehicle Graphics: The Original Mobile Marketing Solution

There are so many ways to market your business these days. Direct mail, Paid Search, SEO, Telemarketing, and so on, Have you considered using your delivery vehicle as a marketing solution? I must admit that every time I see a vehicle on the road that's branded with a message or logo, it stands out from the rest of the pack. It not only serves as your "mobile-marketing" department, it also gives your business a better market presence. Case in point...if you were to hire a plumber, do you trust the plumber that shows up in his dirty pickup truck, or the plumber who shows up in a clean, branded vehicle?  First impressions mean a lot in business, and this gives your business a competitive advantage. We use our vehicle (see photo attached) for pickups, deliveries and meetings. We also park it in a place overnight where it will be seen by traffic as they pass by. So, it's always working for us! So, why not consider a vehicle graphic package for your delivery van? While there are lots of options, the best place to start is sitting down with a company that is certified to design, print and handle installation. They can help you with the options, budget and timeline. IMG_3137

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