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Project Spotlight: Portable A-Frame Sign

Recently, we teamed up with Aurasmile Dental to promote the opening of a new office. They wanted a sign that was visible to passing traffic, durable and portable. Our solution was our Monsoon A-Frame sign. Measuring 96" wide, it certainly will stand out. It can be placed roadside and anchored with stakes to keep it where it needs to be. The material for the graphic we chose was our mesh banner, which allows wind to pass thru, eliminating the need for wind slits, which tend to compromise durability. It also reduces the overall weight of the stand. Our creative team came up with a clean, simple design, keeping in mind that the message needs to be seen by passing traffic. If your business has a big announcement, why not give us a call today at (440) 835-6540 and let us help you get the word out.

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