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Window Graphics Can Make A Big Difference

Retail businesses are always looking for ways to stand out. There are too many to list in this article, so we want to focus on a project we recently completed for Cryoactive Fitness Therapy, located in Rocky River. The owner has limited space for outdoor advertising. The challenge was finding the right solution, and the right message. That's when we decided to use the front windows as an advertising space. These window graphics are simple but effective in communicating our clients core services. The next decision was what type of application to use. We had two choices... → Cut Vinyl → Window Perf Cut vinyl is where we print the graphic, then take it to our plotter to cut out the letters. Window perf are full sheets of vinyl that have little holes, allowing light to pass thru, but still provide an excellent printable surface. In this case, either solution would have worked well. It came down to the clients preference. We decided to go with cut vinyl, as this allowed the storefront windows to let in plenty of natural light into the space, giving it an open, airy feel. Steven, our graphic designer, provided several mock-ups of the window graphics, including unique fonts and shading. Once the right combination was achieved, we printed the window graphic on 3M white vinyl, then took it to our Summa plotter to cut out the shapes. We then "weed" the graphic, a process where we pull all the unwanted vinyl away, leaving only the lettering. Finally, we premasked the graphic, which allows us to place the whole graphic on the window at once, rather than individual letters. This same material can be used on vehicles, as well. Installation of the graphic took only about 30 minutes, and is paying immediate dividends. The business stands out better than before, and that's good for business!

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