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Get Noticed! Tips for Design and Placement of Custom Signage

In these days of the internet, a brick and mortar shop can be a huge advantage from a branding standpoint. Think about it...Starbucks, Subway, Best Buy and other recognized brands. They all have one thing in common...iconic signs. These companies are also able to tie its branding across many advertising channels. While you may not have the advertising dollars of a Starbucks or Best Buy, you can still leverage the power of well thought-out custom signage. In fact, custom signage is an unbelievably great way to develop a sound foundation for branding, advertising and brand-awareness!

Design Custom Signs with Simplicity in Mind...

Let's consider McDonalds. Those Golden Arches are about as simple as it gets from a design standpoint, but even today are one of the most iconic examples of custom signs. No coincidence. Simplicity is one of the first principles of custom signage.

Choose Your Color Palette Wisely...

One of the most critical components of custom signage is color, primarily for its psychological effects. Our eyes are drawn to bright, vivid colors and we develop perceptions based on how these colors interact with their surroundings. Think about John Deere and the way the green and yellow in its logo and signage makes it easy for our brains to process. What is John Deere's colors were purple and blue? Not nearly as effective. For your own design, choose complimentary colors and limit the number of colors. Again, simplicity is key!

A Bit about Placement...

Customer-facing store signage needs to be visible to work best. This means following a couple fundamental rules:
  • Above your front entrance, as a way to identify your storefront. This is especially true if you are located in a strip mall or a standalone building. It might not be the best option if you share a building with other tenants.
  • Pole Signage near a busy street is great for a building that might be hidden or off the beaten path. Avoid pole signage if you aren't near a freeway.
  • A-Frame signage is a terrific option if you are in a strip-mall or share your space with other businesses. It's also portable, which provides flexibility.
  Additionally, it cannot be understated that working with a graphic designer is very important, and having your signage printed by a reputable company is extremely important. For additional tips on how to get noticed with custom signs, or start your design, consult with AlphaGraphics Westlake today!

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