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The Big Three and Mail Marketing

We at AlphaGraphics Westlake have been lucky enough over the years to work with some of the most important non-profit organizations in our area. These are big organizations, with budgets and goals just like other businesses. They are GREAT at what they do...raise money for a worthy cause. Computer-Graphic-Design-Degrees By their own admission, however, what they are not very good at is designing collateral for their events, whether it be print, signs, web, etc. Let's face it...they have better things to do. Recently, I offered to design an event mailer at no cost to our client. Why? First and foremost, I believe in their mission. I also wanted to lend a hand on what I felt they needed help with, and that was designing a piece that was professional, targeted and helped them achieve their goal. So, when discussing the project with our team, we focused on the Big Three when it comes to mail marketing:
  • The Message: What is the purpose of the event, and its ultimate goal?
  • The List: What demographic best fits the objective of the campaign?
  • The Design: A clean, concise design with a strong call-to-action.
Once we had the first two identified, the design came easy. So, the next time you or your organization is planning any kind of event, think Big Three. It helps clarify the process and achieve your goal!  

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