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Project: Wall Graphics for Westlake City Schools

Custom wall graphics can go a long way in dressing up a plain old white wall. Consider the project we just completed for Westlake City Schools. The president of their Boosters organization contacted us regarding their newly-renovated Spirit Store. They had lots of space, and lots of empty wall space that needed help. We were happy to accept the challenge. The first challenge was the wall surface itself. It was painted cinder block, which requires not only a special vinyl, but also a trained installer to see the job thru from conception to installation. For the vinyl, we chose 3M 8624 and a matching over-laminate to protect the vinyl during installation and curious admirers for years to come. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="463"]IMG_4909 Our wide format specialist Matt puts the finishing touches on this wall graphic for the Westlake Boosters.[/caption] The installation requires the vinyl to be heated up to around 900 degrees to help fuse the vinyl into the cinder block. It takes patience and a steady hand to get it just right. All told, it took about 5 hours for the installation. We are grateful that we were a part of the Westlake Spirit Shop renovation. We hope it helps the Westlake Boosters objectives. To read more about the Westlake Boosters Spirit Shop, click here.

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