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Old School Business Cards Learn a New Trick...

Recently, I read that business cards have been around since the 17th century. That is simply amazing. To think that these little guys have been around that long, and that even today, we use these in much the same way we did back exchange contact information, and to reinforce our brand. I'm guessing that it took a lot longer to produce them back then, though. Today, we can preflight, print and trim 500 business cards in less than 7 minutes. This gain in productivity, however, comes with a price. Seems like people put less and less thought into the impression their business cards can provide, and instead buy them based on price alone. That's a mistake. They are missing out on a golden opportunity to do something special and memorable. We decided to challenge our creative side and come up with a memorable business card that could be all done in-house. To start with, we went with a unique paper selection...Astrobright Epic Black. We also decided to go thick...real thick. Our plan was to print on two separate sheets of paper, and glue them back-to-back. That was pretty cool, but not quite there. So, we chose another Astrobright color, Fire Red, and made a sandwich with it. The red sits between the black sheets, making this a triple-thick card. You may be asking how we printed on black paper...easy, when you have the Ricoh C7110x digital press, equipped with white toner. All in all, we love the card...and so does everyone who sees it and holds it in their hand. [caption id="attachment_562" align="alignnone" width="1024"]30740313_2186170891400989_4090919627469619200_o Why not think out-of-the-box next time you need to order your business cards?[/caption]

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