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Logo Design for American Cancer Society

Each and every one of us knows someone with cancer. I recently read that males and females have nearly a 40% chance of developing some form of cancer, and a 22% chance of dying from cancer. Startling statistics. The good news is that the fight to find a cure is being led by people and organizations passionate about their mission. One of those organizations is the American Cancer Society. We have worked with ACS for 10 years now on a variety of fundraising efforts. This year, they came to us in need of a new logo for their "C2C" Relay Run, a two-day, 131 mile fundraiser that goes from Columbus to Cincinnati. We were thrilled to be given the opportunity.

adamOne of our graphic designers, Adam Taseff, did an amazing job incorporating the elements they felt were most important into the logo...the name of the event (of course!), a reference to what the event is (a relay run), and the mission statement "Go The Distance To End Cancer". The imprint of the sole of a shoe was used to symbolize those with "boots on the ground" (in this case, running shoes) in this ongoing battle against this formidable disease.

So, donate to their cause. Support those who are battling cancer. It has hit our immediate family wife is a breast cancer survivor, and my father lost his battle in 2010. The fight goes on... C2C - Apparel Mock 3

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