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A Merry Little Christmas List...

Screenshot-24.pngAs I approach my 52nd Christmas, I still get excited for all the things the season brings. Being the father of three wonderful children, this time of year brings with it the warm memories of the 5:30 AM Christmas morning wake-ups, the traditions we forged as a family (our yearly trek to find the perfect tree, our family walk to the lake Christmas Eve night, spinning Ohio City Singers Christmas songs on our record player) just to name a few. This time of year is all about our kids, but there's nothing wrong with this aging printer writing his own letter to Santa with a wish-list, is there?
  1. Gibson Flying V Guitar (and the time to learn how to actually play it)
  2. A fly-fishing trip to Montana (my very own version of A River Runs Thru It)
  3. The ability to play golf so that I don't embarrass myself and my son Jack
  4. A table saw
  5. Good health for my entire family, because there's only one kind of good health but lots of kinds of bad health
  6. A winning season for the Cleveland Browns
  7. A trip to Maui (although I doubt my wife and daughter would come back)
  8. Be on the sidelines calling plays with Urban Meyer
  9. A Tesla Roadster (I promise to keep it under its top speed of  250 mph)
  10. Time
I have so much for which to be grateful, and wouldn't change a thing if I could. And that may be the best gift Santa has ever given me. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Sincerely, JB

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