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15,000 an hour...and counting

There's an old saying in sports...Speed Kills. There's a saying we have at AlphaGraphics Westlake...Speed Sells. About two years ago we did an assessment of our digital print capacity and found that while we were fast, we simply weren't fast enough. Our clients were demanding shorter and shorter lead times, as well as the need for near-offset quality work. It was then that we invested in our first Ricoh color press, the C7100x. At 4,200 prints per hour, it doubled the speed of our existing machines. Not only that, the C7100x brought white and clear toner, as well as long sheet (13" x 27") capabilities. RICOH_Pro_C7100-C7110 We loved that machine so much, we purchased its successor, the 7200, in Q4 2018. That brought us much needed redundancy in the digital color department, as well as increased throughput. ricoh_c7200_series_small Now, it was time to give our black and white department a little love. We recently signed an agreement for the Ricoh 8110. It fires at 6,600 prints per hour, amazing quality and offset-like registration. ricoh_8100 So, the next time you have a project that absolutely, positively has to make that FedEx drop in 3 hours, you know who to call...

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